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Los Angeles Ice Theater is a non-profit organization established in 2001 by Danelle Cole with the assistance of Jennifer Brenson and a group of skaters' parents to provide quality theatre on ice performances and opportunities to young skaters for exposure to artists and performers from the fields of dance, theater, and music.  The five-time U.S. National Champions of Ice Theatre and 2011 World Silver medalist team is known as a "rousing crowd pleaser" for its highly creative and energetic programs.

The team is affiliated with the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club and attracts skaters from communities throughout southern California.  The skaters practice throughout the year at the team's home rink in Burbank for public performances, as well as national and international competitions, which are promoted under the auspices of USFS.

In April 2013, LAIT will represent the United States at Nation's Cup world competition in Logrono, Spain.

Los Angeles Ice Theater produces an annual fundraising show, “Cabaret on Ice” each June at Pickwick Ice Arena in Burbank.

What is Theatre On Ice?

Theatre on Ice (TOI) is an exciting development in competitive figure skating in the United States. Theatre on Ice combines ice dancing, synchronized skating, jumps, and spins with drama and music to tell a story or express an emotion or idea.  In Europe, it is known as Ballet on Ice.  In 2011, U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) officially sanctioned Theatre on Ice as a competitive discipline. There are several TOI teams and competitions around the United States, and U.S Figure Skating is developing standards and promoting the sport.

"Theatre on Ice invites all U.S. Figure Skating levels and ages to participate in the creation of art on ice," said L.A. Ice Theater's founder, Danelle Cole.  "Our skaters have experienced so many wonderful memories and opportunities."

2012 - 2013 Team


Los Angeles Ice Theater attracts skaters from communities throughout southern California. Most of the team's members also pursue individual competitive skating careers.  For these young skaters, being part of a team offers camaraderie and a positive experience to work together as a group on artistic and technical skills.


Los Angeles Ice Theater, Inc.

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Director and Choreographer

Danelle Cole

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